Community Action Groups (CAG) Somerset

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Community Action Groups Somerset

A new network – Community Action Groups (CAG) Somerset – has been set up to provide free support to local community groups who focus on reuse, repair, waste reduction, sharing, surplus food or composting. From repair cafés and community fridges to groups who run swapping and sharing events, the network is already supporting a number of inspiring Somerset-based community groups!

This follows the success of Community Action Groups (CAG) Devon, which has provided support to fabulous projects like the Blackdown Hills Repair Café.

Together, CAG network members are improving sustainability in their local areas and they would love for you get involved.

The benefits of being part of the CAG network include free training, support with basic governance, and help with funding. The network encourages skill sharing and peer-to-peer learning among groups, learning from each other’s experience and making a real difference to sustainability in their local area.

CAG welcomes a wide range of groups and will work with you to help your community group flourish and achieve its goals. They are also more than happy to help you develop your ideas, so please do contact them with what you have in mind.

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