Blackdown Hills AONB partnership management group

The Blackdown Hills AONB partnership management group comprises:

  • Six councillors appointed by the constituent local authorities
  • A representative from Natural England
  • Representatives of some of the partnership organisations (nominated and elected by the Partnership)
  • Parish councillors nominated by the Blackdown Hills Parish Network
  • Special appointees, who are do not represent the opinions of a particular group or organisation, but have knowledge and experience in particularly relevant fields.
  • Co-opted members who bring particular knowledge expertise or experience to its deliberations


Members of the Blackdown Hills AONB partnership management group


Bruce Payne – special appointee

Vice Chairs

Cllr Bob Nelson – Blackdown Hills Parish Network

John Greenshields – Blackdown Hills Trust

County and district councillors

Cllr John Berry – Devon County Council

Cllr John Thorne– Somerset County Council

Cllr Paul Hayward– East Devon District Council

Cllr Simon Clist – Mid Devon District Council

Cllr Martin Wale – South Somerset District Council

Cllr Ross Henley– Somerset West and Taunton Council

Natural England representative

Donna Gowler – Natural England

Partnership representatives

Gordon Field – Blackdown Hills Artists & Makers

Martin Turner – Blackdown Hills Hedge Association

John Greenshields – Blackdown Hills Trust

Chris Lewis / Penny Mills – Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), Devon and Somerset

Kristina Luxton – National Trust

Mark Pope – National Farmers Union

David Northcote-Wright – Somerset Wildlife Trust

Jennifer Ash – Blackdown Hills Transition Group

Parish Councillors

(Elected by Blackdown Hills Parish Network)

Cllr Bob Nelson – Broadhembury Parish Council

Cllr Graham Long – Upottery Parish Council

Cllr Mike Canham – Otterford Parish Council

Special Appointees

Elaine Hayes – special appointee

Bruce Payne – special appointee

Gavin Saunders – special appointee


Heather Stallard – business & economy


Blackdown Hills AONB Management Group meeting

Minutes 2nd July 2020

Blackdown Hills AONB Management Group meeting

Minutes 4th March 2021

Blackdown Hills AONB Management Group meeting

Minutes 5th November 2020

Scheduled meetings

Forthcoming meetings of the Blackdown Hills AONB Partnership Management Group:

  • Thursday, 1 July 2021
  • Thursday, 4 November 2021

Venue and times to be confirmed.

Members of the public wishing to attend

Members of the public are welcome to attend the AONB Partnership Management Group meeting as observers. At the beginning of each meeting there is a session where members of the public can ask questions about the work of the AONB.

Ideally, questions should be notified to the Blackdown Hills AONB office – at least two working days before the date of the meeting. However, any questions received after this or at the meeting that cannot be answered immediately will be responded to within two weeks.

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