Conserving the special qualities of the Blackdown Hills doesn’t mean halting the progress of time. AONBs are not museums; they are living landscapes. We want to see this precious landscape evolve gracefully. To help us achieve this, we actively involve local communities in all that we do.


There are 39 parishes within, or partly within, the Blackdown Hills AONB (18 of which are totally within the boundaries of the AONB). To find out more about these parishes at Blackdown Hills Online (the website of Blackdown Hills Parish Network).

Community projects

Throughout the Blackdown Hills there are community groups who have been very proactive in improving public spaces, supporting the wildlife in their area and helping to conserve aspects of the area’s heritage. We do what we can to support these groups, be it through advice, assisting with publicity, or helping them to find sources of funding.

Read more about community projects in the Blackdown Hills

Local amenities and services

If you’re looking for local amenities and services, a good place to start is Blackdown Hills Business Association’s directory.

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