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Discover the River Culm, an evening of river science and exploration

Thursday 22 October 2020 @ 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

A woman crouched by a river using equipment to measure water quality

Join our panel of speakers, experts in their subject areas, to dive  into the depths of the River Culm.

The Connecting the Culm project brings you a collection of speakers, experts in their subject areas, to peer into the depths of the River Culm and across the landscapes through which it winds, and share the very latest knowledge about the state of the Culm:

  • How is climate change likely to affect it?
  • How will longer periods of drought and more extreme flooding events affect the river and its communities?
  • What do the latest water quality results tell us about the river and its prospects?
  • Why is soil so important and what can we do about it?
  • What are the charismatic – and not so charismatic – wildlife species of the river and how are they faring?
  • What do the beavers of the Otter, now licenced to remain, have in store for the Culm?
  • What role is there for citizen scientists and how can people make a difference on their doorstep?
  • What do previous generations have to tell us, and how has the river responded to humans over the centuries?
  • Finally, how can we all work together better to create a richer, more resilient future for the River Culm?

Our speakers include:

  • Professor Richard Betts MBE, Met Office Fellow and Head of Climate Impacts Research
  • Emily Reed, Devon County Council’s Climate Emergency Project Manager
  • Jo Neville, author of a Westcountry Rivers Trust report on climate change impacts on Devon
  • Ed Parr Ferris, Conservation Manager at the Devon Wildlife Trust
  • Nicky Green, Crayfish Ecologist and Researcher
  • Rosie Lane, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
  • Richard Horrocks, Culm Fly Fishing Club and Riverfly Co-ordinator
  • Antony Firth, Historic Environment specialist
  • Gavin Saunders, Blackdown Hills Facilitation Group
  • Simon Browning, Westcountry Rivers Trust Citizen Science programme

This is part of a series of events that are building towards creating a long-term plan for the catchment, known as the Blueprint for the Culm, which will be co-designed by residents, community groups, landowners and managers and statutory agencies, to make it as robust and long-lasting as possible.

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