Upottery Airfield Heritage Centre


RAF Upottery (also known as Smeatharpe) is a former second world war airfield. Active between 1944 and 1948, and was used by the Royal Air Force, the United States Army Air Forces and the United States Navy.

The Upottery Heritage Centre documents the major role this historic airfield played during the D-day operations of June 1944 and the bravery of the men who flew from Upottery.

During the war RAF Upottery was used primarily as a transport airfield and for antisubmarine patrols. It later returned to use as agricultural land, but in 2001 it made an appearance in the first episode of the television mini-series Band of Brothers, an American war drama.

The exhibition is housed within the officers’ complex and original Nissen hut. Exhibits include film of the D-day landings, local second world war memorabilia, weapons, and even uniforms for children to dress up in.

A unique photographic archive shows pilots being trained and briefed, and there area pictures of the troops literally minutes before they flew to Normandy.

Refreshments are available at the Heritage Centre or the Sidmouth Arms in the nearby village of Upottery.

The Heritage Centre access is all on ground level, with the exception of one room.

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