Riders are responsible for finding safe and appropriate parking. Please consider others when parking vehicles and trailers and don’t block gateways or access points. The start points on the maps do not guarantee suitable parking.


In addition to the details of your route, it is recommended that you carry a relevant OS map and compass. A transparent map case worn around the neck might also be useful. Do pack sufficient food and drink and take appropriate clothing, including waterproofs.


British Horse Society advises that you wear a fluorescent vest while riding on roads. British Horse Society safety information.

Following a route

Route directions given on this website were correct at the time of writing. Please remember however that conditions, landmarks, and designated rights of way can change. Your route may not be waymarked throughout.

Code of riding

Care for the land: Please do not stray off the line of the route. Do not damage hedgerows by jumping and please remember that horses’ hooves can damage surfaces in bad weather.

Courtesy shown to others: Please pay heed to walkers, cyclists and other riders, and acknowledge courtesy shown by drivers.

Consider the farmer: Please leave gates as you find them. Ride slowly past all livestock. Ride safely and enjoy the countryside.


If you have ridden one of these routes and have comments about the condition of the bridleways, please contact the relevant county rights of way team:

Equine information

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