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We’d like you to come on a journey with us to rediscover the River Culm and help create a 25-year blueprint for its future, using nature-based solutions such as soil restoration and habitat improvements that will help solve problems now and in the future, and which will benefit people living nearby.

Within the 100 square miles that drain into the Culm, the watercourses face several problems. For example, properties and transport infrastructure are at risk of flooding, and the River is failing to meet water quality targets due to pollution.

By taking part in Connecting the Culm, you will be able to directly influence the long-term health of the River Culm and the future of its surroundings. Demonstration sites will also be created within the catchment to test a range of nature-based interventions, shaped by local landscape and history, local communities and their aspirations.

We aim to bring people together, to make a long-lasting plan to improve water quality, support biodiversity and habitat, and make the River Culm and its floodplain more resilient to flood and drought.

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Here’s how you can get involved

Take part in our survey

Share your views about the River Culm and its catchment via our fun, interactive survey. You’ll be able to pinpoint locations on a map and share your knowledge and views, including what you think will help make the River Culm more robust in the face of climate change pressures.

All those who complete the survey by the end of August 2020 can be entered in a prize draw to win two tickets to Coldharbour Mill in Uffculme.

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Join us – events coming up

We are lining up several online events over the coming weeks and months, including an interactive online talk introducing the Connecting the Culm project, and a film screening of High Water Common Ground, a fascinating exploration of how climate change and nature-based solutions interact. We also hope to run events at the River, once COVID-19 guidance allows.

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Become a CSI volunteer

One way you can help the River Culm in a very practical way is to become a citizen scientist. You’ll receive training and support from the Westcountry Rivers Trust to enable you to spot pollution so it can be dealt with quickly and produce data that is vital to understanding the health of the Culm.

Find out more about becoming a River Culm citizen scientist

If you are interested in becoming a water quality citizen scientist on the River Culm please contact Lydia at Westcountry Rivers Trust by emailing



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