Hembury Hillfort, near Payhembury, is arguably the finest prehistoric hillfort in Devon with massive defensive ramparts. Excavations have revealed Iron Age and Roman occupation. If you’re planning an educational visit, our teaching resources for Hembury Hillfort may come in handy.

At Dumpdon there are impressive Iron Age earthworks on one of the largest and most striking hills in the beautiful Otter Valley. Folklore has it that there is a tunnel from Marwood House to the Dumpdon Fort’s summit!

All that is left of Membury Castle is a large circle with a bank. It is a very old hillfort site, now used for grazing cattle and sheep, and is not open to the public.

At Castle Neroche, there are earthen ramparts where an impressive, Iron Age hillfort and a Norman castle once stood.


Watch an introduction to iron age hillforts in the Blackdown Hills AONB.

Hembury Hillfort

Hembury Hillfort, close to Honiton, was for many years overgrown and lost from view. High on Hembury Hill, a film by Chris Chapman, tells of how the fort is being transformed and cared for – safeguarding its historical importance, opening it up to visitors, while also taking into account the natural environment.


Download our hillforts activity sheet [pdf] suitable for adults and children for creative and mindful ways to explore the hillforts of the Blackdown Hills.

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