Bravo for the beavers!

While we humans have had a tough time of it lately, 2020 has been a dam good year for local beavers! If you’re eager to learn more about beavers read on…

Fabulous forests!

Forests can be magical places to be in the winter months and we are lucky enough to have lots of lovely woodland in the Blackdown Hills AONB for you to explore. Here’s an update from our friends [...]

Devon Carbon Plan consultation

Climate change is already having an impact on our landscape, wildlife and communities and it will continue to do so into the future unless we take action. As part of Devon’s response to the [...]

Taking care of our white-clawed crayfish

Nicky Green  has been working with crayfish in Devon and Somerset for almost twenty years. Her interest has grown over the years to the point that 'crayfishing' is now a full-time job. She has [...]

A day in the life of an amateur crayfish surveyor

Bruce Payne shares the delights of crayfish surveying

Saving Devon’s Treescapes

  Devon's treescapes are stunning and crucial habitats for so much wildlife. But they have been in decline for many decades and are now facing a new threat from ash dieback; which is [...]

Spring watch on the Stockland Turbaries 2020

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Yarty Moor mire restoration

Blackdown Hills AONB has been supporting Somerset Wildlife Trust's work to improve access [...]

Getting through the challenges ahead

Now, more than ever, it is important that we support others in our community and take good care of our own health and wellbeing. As many of us find ourselves confined to our homes or dealing with [...]

Mushroom extravaganza – a taste of mushroom magic!

David Allen of Quantock Nature reflects on the culinary delights served up at last week's Mushroom Extravaganza

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