Local Nature Recovery Strategies

Local Nature Recovery Strategies are currently being developed in Devon and Somerset. These will set out local priorities and opportunities for nature recovery and [...]

Stockland Turbaries: management for wildlife and people 

A new book has been published which gives an insight into the ecology and biodiversity of the Stockland Turbaries, here in the Blackdown HIlls.

Endangered crayfish released into an ark site

A dozen large, breeding-age white-clawed crayfish have just been released into a privately owned ark site in the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Delving deeper into the River Culm

Our latest update on the Connecting the Culm project, including ways you can delve a little deeper, discover more about the River Culm, and get involved in the project. We’d also love to get your [...]

Volunteer nightjar surveying

The hardy volunteer nightjar surveyors were out last week patrolling sites across the Blackdown Hills at dawn, which is especially early this time of year! Find out more about these fascinating [...]

Volunteer Week 2021: Wildlife Surveying in the Blackdown Hills

This week is National Volunteering week (1 -7 June) and what better time than now to celebrate all the hard work which the volunteers do to monitor and help protect wildlife across the Blackdown [...]

Make meadows while the sun shines!

Tracey Hamston, project officer for More Meadows, invites you to join a growing number of Meadow Makers coming together to get the Blackdown Hills blooming and buzzing.

Bravo for the beavers!

While we humans have had a tough time of it lately, 2020 has been a dam good year for local beavers! If you’re eager to learn more about beavers read on…

Fabulous forests!

Forests can be magical places to be in the winter months and we are lucky enough to have lots of lovely woodland in the Blackdown Hills AONB for you to explore. Here’s an update from our friends [...]

Devon Carbon Plan consultation

Climate change is already having an impact on our landscape, wildlife and communities and it will continue to do so into the future unless we take action. As part of Devon’s response to the [...]

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